We Are The Strohwig Advantage

We're never satisfied with the status quo. We strive to always do the best, work with the best, make the best product.
We outwit, outlast, out-whatever the competition.

Who We Are We Are The Machine Shop Of The Future

Strohwig Industries is a large, family owned tool and die, injection mold and custom machining shop that takes the ideas of the world’s top engineering minds from concept into reality.  We are innovators, engineers, toolmakers, machinists, problem solvers and standard setters.

What We Do Strohwig Is Helping The World Realize Innovation

Our team of industry experts innovate and solve problems to keep industries moving forward.  We focus on quality, accuracy and speed.  We deliver within tight timelines.  We usher new ideas into reality.  We enable the world’s innovators to gain true advantage as early adopter and disrupters.

How We Do It At Strohwig, We Invest In The Future

At Strohwig, we are continuously learning, improving and driving toward the future.  We invest in:

  • People

    Training, developing and promoting from within.

  • Equipment

    New, bigger and better than the competition’s.

  • Research & Development

    Constantly staying up-to-date on the newest technologies.

  • Customer Experience

    Building relationships and growing our understanding of their needs.

How We Stand Out Strohwig Gets It Done

Manufacturers turn to Strohwig when they need the best and no one else can get it done.  Whether it’s a fast turnaround, a need to accommodate size and weight, or a never before attempted idea, Strohwig leads through:

  • Ingenuity

    We bring the most complex jobs and the newest innovations to life.

  • Delivery

    We don’t just deliver on time, we deliver on your time.

  • Quality

    Our parts last longer, perform better and retain value.

  • Capacity

    We can handle large-scale projects and large-scale parts.

  • Service

    Our experts listen, study and communicate to ensure our quality.